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I clicked on "Lost password" but I have never received an email with a link to create a password.

3 possibilities :

- The email address you entered doesn't match any of the email addresses registered in our database. In this case, please check which email address you used to create your account (a confirmation email was initially sent to you), then click on "Lost password" and enter the correct email address.

- You have made a typing error when entering the email address to which the link to create a password must be sent. Click on "Lost password" and enter the correct email address.

- You haven't entered the correct email address when creating your account. Please contact the organisation for which you submitted, or you would like to submit, a request and ask them to replace the first email address with the correct email address.

Tip: If you have clicked more than once on "Lost password", only the last link received will be valid.

I clicked on "Lost password" but when I click on the link received by email, an error message is displayed.

If you have clicked more than once on "Lost password", only the last link received will be valid.

I click on "next screen" in the form but I am stuck on the same page.

If you use Internet Explorer 7 or 8, please try again with a more recent version (Internet Explorer from the 9th version) or with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

How can I read the first part of my project I submitted again?

You can look over your project by :

- opening the PDF you received in the confirmation of reception email after you submitted your first part.

- going to "My account / Manage my requests" and by clicking on the link "view" under the first part of your project.

I have invited a contributor to complete my project, how do I know that he/she has logged into the interface and completed the part?

Once the person you invited will have completed her part and clicked on "validate and send", you will be immediately notified by email.

I have tried to log into my account and I got to that page: "INVALID LINK" "ARE YOU SURE YOU RECEIVED A RECENT LINK?" Please check with the person who passed it on to you. DID YOU CLICK ON A LINK OR DID YOU TYPE THE ADDRESS MANUALLY? Please try to copy/paste the link in the address bar of your browser. If you contact us, thank you for sending us the following error code: "invalidLoginCsrfToken."

If you are sure you have the correct address, please check if your cookies are activated in your browser by clicking on this link: If the answer is "yes", you will have to delete the cookies.

Below is a link where you will find the steps to follow in order to delete the cookies based on the browser you use:

When does the autosave apply ?

  • every 2 minutes

  • every 30 seconds after a data has been entered or a change has been made

  • after having entered a first answer and started replying to the second question

  • when clicking on “previous screen” or “next screen”

  • when clicking on another screen on the menu on the left hand side of the interface

How do I submit an application for the Chiesi Foundation research grants?

An online platform with an e-form to be filled will be available by the end of June 2018 on the Chiesi Foundation website. Applicants may submit proposals only through the online form. A specific guide will be provided once the online submission platform will be available.

A word Application Form is provided as fac-simile to inform all interested organizations about the information that are required in order to participate to the Calls for Proposals of the Chiesi Foundation

Which are the deadlines for the submission of the research proposals?

The Call for Proposals in prenatal and neonatal care is open from June 1st to October 15th 20.00 CET.

The Call for Proposals in pulmonology and chronic respiratory diseases management is open from July 1st to November 15th 20.00 CET.

Which documentation do I need to submit while filling the Application form?

Additional documentation required at the submission phase is:

  •  CV of scientific coordinator
  • Commitment letter from the Application organization that hosts the research,  signed by its legal representative

Which organizations can apply?

Organizations that are not officially constituted and registered, political parties, trade union organizations, trade organizations, entities that are either directly or indirectly involved in lobbying or electoral campaigns to influence voting, entities working to limit the freedom and dignity of citizens or promoting any form of discrimination are not eligible for the Chiesi Foundation’s scientific research grant.

Organizations that have already in place a collaboration/grant agreement with the Chiesi Foundation, in any of the ongoing program, may not apply until the above-mentioned agreement is expired.

Natural persons are never eligible for a Chiesi Foundation’s grant

Is there a word limit in the sections of the Application Form ?

If present, word limits and other restrictions are indicated in each section of the Application Form.

Who is responsible of the evaluation of the research proposals? On the basis of which criteria is the evaluation carried on?

The Scientific Committees of the Chiesi Foundation are responsible of the evaluation and selection of the proposals to which will be granted access to the Chiesi Foundation scientific research grants. The criteria adopted to admit a proposal to the evaluation process are:

  • Eligibility of the applicants
  • Coherence with the objectives stated in the Calls
  • Correct submission of the proposals

In addition, the Scientific Committees of the Chiesi Foundation identified the following criteria to guide the evaluation:

Neonatology Pulmonology
Potential life-saving Scientific relevance
Socio-economic impact Innovation
Scientific relevance and innovation Methodology
Rational use of financial resources Rational use of financial resources
Communication strategy efficacy Communication strategy efficacy


What is the expected level/professional role of the scientific coordinator?

As far as the scientific coordinator is concerned, there is not expected level e.g. postdoctoral research officer, research fellow, professor, etc. The evaluation is based on the criteria described above.

Is it possible to submit a bi-centric proposal? In this case, is it necessary to submit two commitment letters?

It is possible to present a joint/bi-centric project. It is necessary to clearly indicate in the Application Form which is the Applicant organization and its legal responsible and to whom the grant will eventually be assigned. Other organisations involved will be indicated as partners but they will not have any formal agreement with the Chiesi Foundation. Applicants may provided only the commitment letter from the Applicant organization.

Is it possible to indicate two scientific coordinators?

The scientific coordinator must be one. Other members of the research team may be indicated in the appropriate section of the Application Form.

How many team member's CV should be provided?

Only the CV of the scientific coordinator is required.

Is there a geographical limitation for the implementation of the research projects?

There is not a geographical limitation for the implementation of the research projects.